Prefabricated houses

  • In the Virte Solar Roof, the electricity producing solar panels are integrated in the roof sheets at the factory. The entity is delivered and installed in one go, and the electrician connects the system to the electrical network, together with other electrical installations.
  • Virte Solar Roof can be taken into account already at the planning stage of the home. As Solar Roof is part of the property, a flexible financing can be applied to it as part of the mortgage.
  • A well-implemented Virte Solar Roof increases the value of the home by reducing the electricity costs and by improving the energy class of the property.

Roof renovations

  • The Virte Solar Roof can be installed in the factory during a roof renovation, if the Virte Platon lock-joint roofing is chosen as the new roofing material.
  • Our cooperation partner is responsible for the installation of the roof. The installation team includes an electrician, trained for solar energy installations, who takes care of the wiring, installation of the equipment and connection of the entire system to the electrical network.
  •  The entire system is also available as a turnkey delivery!

Housing companies

  • For housing companies, the Virte Solar Roof is an environmentally-friendly investment that increases the sales value of the apartments, improves the image of the property and enhances its attractiveness. Moreover, the installation of a solar energy system is always an investment in energy.
  • The solar energy provides a direct benefit for the housing company, by improving the energy class of the property, making its installation always sensible during a roof renovation, for example. At the same time, it decreases the housing company’s need to buy electricity from the network.
  • The residents can monitor the production of electricity of their housing company in real-time over the Internet.
  • Virte Solar Roof is a superior choice for high and windy roofs of apartment buildings. It does not increase the risk of storm damages or collect any snow, ice and leaves underneath. As it is possible to walk on the panels, the snow removal, statutory roof safety inspections and other roof maintenance can also be performed easily in the future.

Agricultural use

  • The Virte Solar Roof is perfectly suited in a modern agricultural environment, providing clean local energy and self-sufficiency. The efficient, light, easy-to-service panels pose no extra stress on the roof and its support structures.

Leisure-time dwelling

  • At the summer cottage, the Virte Solar Roof provides a functional, light and storm-safe energy solution. The retrofitting of the system to a cottage sited on an island, for example, is easy, thanks to the low weight of the panels.
  • Virte Solar Roof is a light system that adapts well to the surface of the roof. Flexible panels offer new possibilities to the production of solar energy in places where it was not possible earlier. The thin solar panels can be bonded onto the roof of a camping trailer or a caravan or onto the fabric of an awning, for example.


The Virte Solar Roof can be retrofitted to almost all kinds of roofs. Our expertized team and electricians take care of the installation and of the connection of the system to the electrical network. Commissioning of the solar energy system is possible in a few days!

When retrofitted, Virte Solar Roof allows the commissioning of solar energy in places where it was not considered possible previously, due to the feature of the installation or to the roof structures. The light and flexible panels can be delivered onto the roof without any crane and the handling of the panels is easy and safe on the roof. The panels can also be bonded to curved surfaces, without any need of separate fasteners. When installed, Virte Solar Roof conforms to the roof, being an almost indistinguishable but efficient and functional solution. Thanks to its low weight, Virte Solar Roof can be fitted to buildings and structures that would not withstand the weight of the conventional systems.

The solar panels can be retrofitted on standing seam roofs, profile roofs, bitumen roofs and TPO roofs.